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SABnzbd script – write album art – release notes

October 3rd, 2008 by admin

Download the latest release here.

v0.4 Release notes:

  • Windows executable release, Python not required!
  • All configuration moved to waa_config.ini for win32 exe release
  • Move files to another directory after processing
  • Rename files to “01 – title.mp3″ or “01 – artist – title.mp3″

v0.3 Release notes:

  • All configuration settings now in
  • Add to iTunes works for both Mac and PC (PC requires install of pywin32)
  • Replace default folder with nested folder structure: Music\Artist\Album
  • Empty track numbers are filled in from filename
  • Remove comments from ID3 tags
  • Update XBMC or Plex library
  • Soundtrack support

v0.2 Release notes:

  • Mac AppleScript: Add to iTunes – set ADD_TO_TUNES = True
  • Parses Newzbin title if ID3 tags not available and adds to MP3
  • Better compatibility with older ID3 tags
  • Better error handling
  • Paths fixed

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SABnzbd script – write cover / album art images to MP3s

September 27th, 2008 by admin

This script will add cover / album art images to MP3s downloaded with SABnzbd and the Music category from Newzbin.  Images downloaded from Amazon Web Services.  Tested on Windows XP SP3 & Vista SP2 and Mac OS X 10.5 – Leopard.  Updated to v0.4, see release notes.


  • Fetch and store album art into MP3 within SABnzbd
  • Add MP3s to iTunes
  • Replace default folder with nested folder structure: Music\Artist\Album
  • Remove extra files (.sfv, .nfo, .m3u)
  • Fill in empty ID3 tags from Newzbin title (Artist, Album, Track #, Year)
  • Move files to directory of your choice
  • Rename files to “01 – title.mp3″ or “01 – artist – title.mp3″
  • Executable available for Windows

Visit the SABnzbd forum

Requirements Mac:

Requirements Windows:

File installation (PC)

1. Unzip (PC) to your SABnzbd directory

  • C:\program files\SABnzbd  (It must be in this directory)

2. Edit your configuration file to change options:

  • C:\program files\SABnzbd\waa_conf.ini

3. Jump to SABnzbd setup

File installation (Mac)

1. Unzip (Mac) to a directory of your choice

  • Example: Documents/SABscripts (your choice)

It should look like this:
–eyeD3 (folder)
– (Mac only – Applescript to add MP3s to iTunes

2. Mac users – change permission of script to execute

  • Open Terminal
  • change to your script directory, type: cd ~/Documents/SABscripts
  • type: chmod +x

3. Add your AWS Key: Edit waa_conf.ini and enter in your Amazon AWS key.  It only takes a few minutes to get!

amazon_aws_id = XXXX  (replace the X’s with your key, no quotes!)

SABnzbd setup

1. Set the script directory in Settings > General to the directory you chose in step 1 and click Save

2. Go to Settings > Categories.  For the Music category select your script: (Mac) or write_album_art.exe (Win32)

Don’t forget: Click Save all the way to the right on the Music row.

Determine if the script is working
When you grab music from the Music category in Newzbin, your download should look like this:

When the script is processing the MP3s

When done, click to view the output

The output should list all the files in the folder with the artist name and album if successful for each track.

Optional features and flags set in waa_conf.ini

Enable add to mp3 to iTunes
Set add_to_itunes = True
To remove files after they are added to iTunes set remove_mp3_after_itunes = “1″.  It will delete your MP3s once they are copied into iTunes.  This works well for people who have “Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library” checked in Preferences > Advanced’

Change output folder to nested Artist\Album folders
Set clean_dir_struct = True

Rename files
Set rename_files = True
“01 – title”: track_title = True
“01 – artist – title.mp3″: track_artist_title = True

Move files when processing is finished
move_to_dir = c:/mp3
For Windows and Mac, use forward slashes “/” and leave off the trailing slash

Update XBMC / Plex library
Set update_xbmc = True
Add your IP: xbmc_ip = “”
Add your port: xbmc_port = “3000″

Missing ID3 information
Missing Artist and Album enabled by default, to turn off: fetch_missing_id3_newzbin = False
Missing Track number enabled by default, to turn off: set_empty_track = False

File removal features
Set any of the variables below in to True to have the script clean out the non MP3 files in your directory (.m3u, .sfv, .nfo, .nzb).  They are False by default:
remove_m3u = True
remove_sfv = True
remove_nfo = True
remove_nzb = True

eyeD3 – Copyright (C) 2002-2007  Travis Shirk <>
eyeD3 – Copyright (C) 2005  Michael Urman
AmazonAlbumImage – Jordan Sissel –
addToLib - Copyright 2004 Ken Barnt and Apple Computer

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